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Well, Ive just noticed Ive reached 100.000 views, thanks a lot for your support!!!
If you want to see WIPs and sketches that I dont post here, you can follow me in Facebook:… , and Instagram:

Thanks Again!
Now you can like me on Facebook:… . I´m planning to post WIPs, news, unfinished works and other stuff that I don´t post here (besides my finished works). Hope to see you there!
Hello, after more than 3 years I guess it´s time to write my first journal. First of all I want to thank you all for your support and your kind comments (you can be sure I read them all, even if I don´t reply). But the main reason of this journal is to tell you a couple of things:

- My work "Hooded" has been printed on t-shirts and it´s now available at (… ).

- I have a new web site: (It´s quite simple for the moment, but I plan to add some extra content in the future, like step by step images or tutorials) but I think is a good start...

Well, I think it´s all for the moment, I hope I´ll write again soon with more good news, thanks for your time!